NFIP flood insurance extended through June 14

ORLANDO, Fla. – May 30, 2019 – Some last-minute moves in Congress extended the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) for two weeks – until June 14, 2019 – after it appeared on Thursday afternoon that it would expire at midnight on May 31.

While the NFIP extension had broad, bipartisan support in Congress and was widely expected to pass, it was attached to a $19 billion disaster relief bill that encountered technical difficulties at the last minute.

The disaster relief bill (HR 2157), which also includes relief for hurricane-ravaged areas of Florida’s Panhandle, passed the House and went to the Senate, which added an amendment and also passed it. The changed bill again needed House approval, though, and a single lawmaker was able to stop the process right before Congress disbanded for a long weekend break. That put the flood insurance extension in jeopardy.

When it became clear that HR 2157 would not pass right away, however, Congress passed a stopgap bill extending flood coverage under a fast-track procedure. In theory, the two-week extension should keep the national flood insurance program operating long enough to pass the larger bill – and continuous coverage for homebuyers and existing homeowners.

HR 2157, which is expected to pass perhaps as early as next week, extends NFIP through September.

The two-week extension now goes to President Trump for his signature.

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